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Tamara Somers

Senior Specialist in the Sustainability Centre of Excellence (CoE), Telstra

Tamara Somers is a Senior Specialist in the Sustainability Centre of Excellence (CoE) at Telstra and is responsible for a number of organisation-wide sustainability programs, including Human Rights, Responsible Business issues and Telstra’s annual Bigger Picture Sustainability Report.  With nearly 20 years experience, Tamara’s career has included senior leadership roles in Environmental, Social and Corporate governance; international diplomacy, and exec roles in government departments and the private sector.

Working to champion and embed sustainability principles in complex operating environments, Tamara has a deep understanding of stakeholder and risk management and the social and environmental issues shaping our world.  Her work made a valuable contribution to Telstra receiving the highest company ranking in the World benchmarking Alliance’s 2020 Digital Inclusion benchmark.

Most recently, Tamara led Telstra’s work to develop its first AI policy and framework, working closely with Telstra technology leaders and AI sector experts.  Collaborative, curious and a tech optimist, Tamara is passionate about promoting responsible digital citizenship and the role businesses can have to drive positive social and environmental outcomes.

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